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Let's get to know one another!


Griffin Smith, LCSW

Griffin Smith is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice, specialized in treating interpersonal dysfunction amidst various mental disorders and environmental contexts. In addition to his clinical practice, he lectures, writes, consults, and supervises other clinicians, organizations, and the general public on improving relationships and engendering interpersonal wellness through mentalization. Griffin is a BPC-accredited MBT Practitioner and holds a Certification in Psychoanalytic Theory through the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute.


Griffin founded Totus Intuor Counseling & Consulting with this relational vision in mind, not only for the benefit of people engaged in therapy, but for the broader cultural contexts in which we all live.


I want to work with you!

I know that simply being around others feels like an almost impossible task much of the time; people can be selfish, ignorant, and judgmental, at times even your family and friends. You've endured abuse and often are overwhelmed with emotion. Your external life and what you feel within yourself can feel wholly disconnected -- It is precisely because of this disconnection that we suffer. I am here to listen, to learn of your experiences, and together we will awaken a new sense of yourself by discovering a hidden humanity in others, revealing a world you never thought possible.

You don’t have to live disconnected, suffering without end. I approach healing from a relational perspective, in which I believe our most powerful tool for change can be harnessed through relationships. We all naturally have the capacity to relate in ways that promote growth, we simply have never been shown how. I’m here to nurture this experience with you.

I understand that taking the step to engage in therapy is a big ask. Trust isn’t easy; it’s fragile. But, I profoundly believe in the power of developing a relationship that promotes learning and spurs curiosity. It’s spiritual for me - the essence of joy, love, and beauty, and I truly wish for all to experience it. Will you take this step with me?

Let’s Work Together!

As an advocate for initiatives that promote greater collaboration, I'd like to extend an invitation to any other professionals that share a passion for relational work to reach out to me to pitch an idea for a partnership, project, or simply start a conversation...

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