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“Beauty belongs to the beloved who returns the gaze, in whose eyes we see the sun." ~Jessica Benjamin


What's offered:

Counseling to individuals (adults & adolescents), families & couples

Specialty Area:

Totus Intuor specializes in the treatment of interpersonal distress and dysfunction, using relational approaches to therapy to help people improve their mental and emotional health and functioning.

Conditions Treated:

Relationship Issues

C-PTSD (complex or interpersonal trauma)

Personality Disorder

Anger and Impulse Management Issues

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Conduct Disorder


Anxiety Disorders

Social Skills Development for Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger's Syndrome)

Parent/Carer & Child Attachment Work

Fees & Structure:

Due to COVID-19 precautions Totus Intuor only offers virutal (telehealth services), at this time.

Individual ~ $150/hr.

Families & Couples ~ $200/hr.

Insurances Accepted:

Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield; United Healthcare/Optum (including Oscar and Oxford); Aetna; Cigna; Humana/Tricare (Certified Non-Network Provider) - Medicare Advantage accepted under all listed insurance providers 


Only accepting self-pay and out-of-network benefits in Virginia at this time

To get started with psychotherapy services, you may either request an appointment through our scheduling page or contact Griffin directly by any method indicated on our Contact Us page - Griffin offers free brief phone consultations, which can also be requested via any method indicated on Contact Us learn more about Griffin, check out the Meet Us page.

Organizational Consulting & Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Workshops (Mentalization Training)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a concept that has gained much recognition over the years as a key quality of social health, receiving particular emphasis in the areas of leadership, job and academic performance, and bullying. One model of emotional intelligence identifies five fundamental components comprised of self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation —- Mentalization is a related concept that translates to understanding the behavior of others and one’s self through mental states, comprised of thoughts, feelings, wishes, desires, etc. We use concepts and techniques from a psychotherapy based in mentalizing, called mentalization-based treatment (MBT) and developed a series of educational workshops to help people and organizations build their mentalizing capacities that encompass the components of emotional intelligence. These workshops aim to not only improve conflict resolution among people, but to engender greater cohesion and collaborative energy.




What's offered - On-site and virtual workshops to be implemented by public and private sector organizations.


Fees & Structure- 2 hour workshop ($500) (educational information only), 4 hour workshop ($1,000) (includes educational information & practical skills exercises)


Cultural Alignment Consulting


Culture is something that arises naturally from the coming together of people, however, what emerges may not always promote wellness or equitability for all. It’s difficult to acculturate these qualities, requiring effortful attention and intention. —- We believe successful outcomes for organizations are strongly linked to the contentment of its people, deriving from feeling part of a safe and secure environment that has their best interests in mind - a place where everyone feels they have autonomy and value.

What's offered - Comprehensive and person-centered on-site engagement with all organizational members, leading to development of a collaborative cultural vision and consultation on an action plan.

Fees & Structure - based on requested level of intervention


Leadership Coaching


Being a leader in any capacity is a heavy responsibility with enormous complexity, and doing it is not easy. We believe everyone has this capacity, but it does require developing a particular set of attributes and skills.


What's offered - One-on-one coaching in-person or virtually.

Fees - $150/hr.


To get started with organizational consultation & coaching services you may contact Griffin via any method indicated on the Contact Us page.

Clinical Supervision

Totus Intuor knows all too well the difficulty of practicing therapy early in our career. There may be much we learned in school, but shortly after graduation we realize there are things that we weren’t taught, perhaps couldn’t be taught…


You may be experiencing significant challenges with many clients, complexities that don’t fit neatly into a particular condition, burnout, or trouble honing your approach (therapeutic orientation)…


Or, perhaps you are a clinician with more experience and are interested in developing a more relational practice?


In either case, we’re here to guide you!




What's offered - Individual and Group supervision for MSWs & LMSWs seeking clinical licensure (LCSW), as well as to practitioners of any discipline interested in developing a more relational practice. All supervision is virtual at this time.



Fees & Structure:


  • Individual Supervision - $100/hr. or  $75/hr./person (paired supervision - 2 clinicians) ~ schedule of sessions and frequency of payment is negotiable;


  • Group Supervision ~ $50/hr./person (paid monthly) ~ group supervision will always be offered at a specific time every week;

  • Special Monthly Package ~ Ideal for people that are interested in more hours ~ combination of group and individual sessions - $400 for 4 individual and 4 group sessions within one month ~ only offered on limited basis

To get started with clinical supervision with Griffin, you may contact him via any method indicated on the Contact Us learn more about Griffin, check out the Meet Us page.

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