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The Totus Intuor Vision


Better Relationships Lead to Better Wellness


Better your health by bettering your relationships - with Totus Intuor!


Totus Intuor provides counseling for individuals, couples, and families with the aim of improving mental health by improving relationships. We also provide consulting to organizations on developing cultures aligned with its people, as well as clinical supervision in relational therapy for counselors interested in developing a more relational practice.


Regardless of what we set out to achieve, realizing our ambitions hinges around our ability to develop and maintain healthy and productive relationships with other people. Simple in theory but difficult in practice - our world is filled with magnificently complex people and because of this - wonderful things can be built! However, embracing this complexity to develop something that functions coherently and is able to thrive is a special challenge. If you have set out to achieve your personal or professional goals you likely already know this to be true. You may be revisiting the same question, "How do I make this work?" That's where we believe we can help!

What Totus Intuor Means...

Of Latin origin, totus means whole, all, total, complete, joint, combined...intuor means to gaze upon, into, or about, reflect, observe, and contemplate - Totus intuor means complete gaze, concisely describing our mission to account for the voices and experiences of all - bringing about full integration.

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